Monday, August 31, 2009

The Joy of Living in a "Bowl" Part I - Wind Resistance

Fond du Lac, WI is essentially in a bowl. One of the most low lying spots in the state. There are many disadvantages to living in an area such as this ( ie flooding ). I, however, have discovered a number of advantages to "basin living", especially in regards to biking.

The first of these is wind resistance. I've noticed that the wind seems to be stronger in the bowl than in the outlying hill country or even in the marshlands to the west. Having rode into this wind excessively over the last year, I believe it has given me an advantage in "head wind training". I firmly believe that a stiff head wind can be just as formidable an opponent as a steep hill. The difference being the wind is more sustained. I think this helps to build up your endurance. I'm not saying it's like training at altitude, or it can replace hill climbs, but I truly think it's helped my endurance.

When I think back two years, I could barely ride 5 miles and I was damn near 50 lbs heavier. I look forward to riding into the wind. Even when I turn a corner and the wind is so strong that it feels like Rick Flair just gave me a knife edge chop across the chest (Whooooooo!). Bring it on! My legs burn, my arms and back get sore, my face is red with wind burn (in colder temps), but who cares? Again I say, Bring it on! Can I hear a witness?




Jonny K said...

Sounds like you're quite the cycling beast. Congrats on the lost lb's. Are you planning on the 50 for the century ride?


Craigers said...

"Sounds like" and "act like" are two different things right. I'm planning on doing the 1/2 century for Earth Ride. Wish you could be there. Is your dad or brother doing it this year?

Anonymous said...

Dog, I will bring the tow rope for Maywood, Jonny K look forward to visiting with you again! "Happy Trails, safe biking and Get Bent”

coastkid said...

i get a prevailing westery alot as i live in the middle of a flat plain,tiny compared to areas in america but flat enough for exposure to gales,being next to the coast we get off shore winds sometimes too,these can be cold coming across from scandinavia,best thing about a wind is cycling out into it then flying home with a tailwind,thats great!

Craigers said...

I agree coastkid tail wind on the way home is awesome! Really sucks though when you start with a tail wind and get head wind on the way back. Yikes!