Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Finally Arrives

Second weekend in June and summer finally decided to show up here in Wisconsin. I thought the weekend was going to take another turn for the worse as my training ride got washed out on Saturday morning. And then, as usual, when I had reached the point of no return for riding for the day, the sun comes out. Sometimes it just feels like things are working against you.

Then Sunday came. Remember a few posts ago when I was complaining about the cold and having to wear all these layers? Well Sunday finally allowed me to shed some of those layers. It wasn't balmy at 4:30 A.M., but temps in the 50's at least allowed me to wear shorts. Now I'm starting to get the "bug" again for training rides with warmer weather on the horizon. I still had the urge in the colder temps, but I think I agree with my wife, that the only "bug" was probably up my arse.

I met with some clients on Friday from Iowa, and they were telling me how this major bike ride was going right past their property this year. What? Now my ears perked up. We started talking about this "ride". It's called RAGBRAI (Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa - This ride is actually a 442 mile trek that cuts through the southern half of the state. It runs from June 19-25. I'm in now condition to do this right now (not to mention timing is an issue), but I sure would be interested in it in the future. Amazing how in such a short period of time, a person's whole outlook on life can change. Ask me about this kind of thing only a year ago, and I've have told you you'd have to be nuts to try something like that. Only good things to come.



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Anonymous said...

Well summer arrives, I bet you look good on a cool morning in those shortz, I just wanted to let you know that Ms. Jen & I have returned from the way up North so when you have the time we need to ride "Bro" also I would like to chat with you about your fundraiser idea call me 1-800-Big-Recumbent-Cat. It's time to start scratching the itch!!!