Monday, June 29, 2009

No Skunks - Just 'Coons

Another beautiful weekend. Broke my average speed again on Saturday morning. New average speed = 12.03 miles per hour. Didn't see any skunks this time, but I did come across a family of racoons crossing the trail in front of me. For the first time since I've been biking in the "wee" hours, I actually encountered another human. He was riding a recumbant (not a fancy one like Big Cat's but your garden variety recumbant). Just like the racoons, I think he was more affraid of me than I was of him. I passed him on the left and said good morning. I bet I'll never see him again.

Winds kicked up good on Sunday. It seems that when they predict windy conditions, I have until the sun comes up. My guess is once the sun starts to heat, the convection starts working and creating the wind. Too scientific for a monday morning? Probably. Weathers looking real good here, so if I spend more time biking than blogging, please don't be a hater. Peace to everyone.



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