Monday, June 8, 2009

Still in a Funk

June 7th. I saw on one of the local news broadcasts that the high in Green Bay was 54 degrees. That's the average high on April 15th. NOT JUNE 7TH!!!!! Now I live roughly an hours drive south of GB, so our temps were a little bit better, but it rained Saturday afternoon & night and Sunday morning. At least I got a quick 15 miles in before is started tinkling out on Saturday morning. We've got to get out of this pattern soon right? Right? Maybe? It's these kinda days that make me wanna slap old al gore on the back and say "Global warming, huh?"

On a brighter note, at least the sun poked through a little in Milwaukee yesterday long enough for "the Fam" to enjoy the Zoo ( ). Milwaukee really does have one of the niceer zoos in the country. Maybe I'll post some pics when I get them off my camera.

I also found this cool web site over the weekend. Pandora Radio You can create your own music lists and play them as a radio station on your computer for free. It also correlates with I-phone somehow, but that technology is way over my head. I've only created one station for now with progressive rock on it. Everything from Yes, Genesis & Rush to Dream Theater, LTE and some instrumental masters like Satriani. If you're interested go to Pandora Radio and search "Liquid Tension Radio" created by craigm.seider. I'm teeling you this pandora is pretty cool the way it searches for music that you like. It actually takes into account some music theory when it searches off of you initial key words. Sweet.

Kippis - Leave No Trace



Anonymous said...

Funk!! you should be in the North Woods where the temp has been about 42-48, leaves no chance for outdoor riding, not to worry summer will come and we will be like rabbits in spring when this happens!! Just mean that when the weather is nice we need to take every advantage of the Sun!! getting ready for the Earth Ride 50 this year, hope you can keep up? Would you like to join me for the Century in 2011? working on the training schedule for the rest of this year and tweaking the schedule for next year, who would have thought I would be talking like this!! anyway hope the "FAM" enjoyed the zoo "Happy Trails, safe biking and Get Bent"

Craigers said...

I would like to do the century. I hope I can keep up too. You definately got one up on me in the average speed category. Hope your fuzzy hat is keeping you warm up in "da nort woods". Later.

jaclyn said...
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Craigers said...

Sorry jaclyn, if that's your real name. I'm not hep to ads on my blog unless I ok them first or I place the ad.