Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Seasons End

With the sudden winter weather of yesterday afternoon, it pains me to admit to myself that the 2008 biking season is over. The fact that this mornings temperature was 12 degrees is not enough to make me throw in the towel. The fact that the roads were still covered with snow in some areas this morning is noit enough to make me throw in the towel. Alas, it is the very thing which is used to make it safer for all of mankind in a situation like this, which forces me to hang the Maestro upside down on his perch in the garage like a hibernating creature. Yes, salt my friends...salt.

Road salt. Melter of snow and ice. Purveyor of safe roads and sidewalks. Eater of bicycle frames! I've seen to many pot mark ridden frames (mostly motorcycles) to allow any of my two wheeled friends to be exposed to the dangers of road salt.
What does this mean for the Trail Dog? It means that, as much as I've been fighting it for the last few weeks, I will be resigned to using my....um....oh boy....here goes...........indoor stationary. I know, I know, I know. All you guys have been telling me that there's nothing wrong with using the stationary bike in winter. Especially when you need to train like I do just so you don't explode from lack of activity. I'm not in a financial postition to purchase a "pugs" (Surly - Pugsley model) so I can ride in off road winter terrain (although a boy can dream can't he?). So I guess my only option is stationary and continue crosstraining (running).
Please note the new and inproved Trail Dog Ticker on the right hand column of this page. It will keep track of ALL miles (ridden or ran) separately and then totaled at the bottom. Probably more for me than for anyone else, but a good way to keep track none the less.
That's all for now from Wisconsin. Still trying to figure out another rider for the 12 hours of GEARS race in May and trying to plan out next years "Big" rides. Want to keep riding with Jonny, although his work schedule will dictate when he can come out and play. Also need to get with the Big Cat for some rides. I'm actually contemplating going to Austin, TX in October and riding 100 miles in the LiveStrong challenge either with Team Fat Cyclist or on my own. Need to get the logistics of that one figured out yet but I'll know for sure by next week. Maybe if some of my readers want to join me we can get Team Trail Dog together.


Jonny K said...

You could always move to Alaska and ride Jill's!!

Craigers said...

Now come on Jonny. You know that could never happen. I'm sure her frame is too small for me. You gonna get me her book for Christmas?