Monday, November 3, 2008

October Revisited

Another month has passed us all by and I figured I'd wax nostalgic for one of my favorite months in the year.

As far as training went for the month:

Cycling miles: 119
Running Miles: 18
Stationary Recumbent Miles: 0
Weight on October 1st: 276
Weight on November 1st: 276
Total weight loss since the "grand revelation" : 29 lbs.

At the beginning of the month I proved my dislike for meteorologists to myself once again. I also had my first cold weather ride in years (which just happened to be in a small deluge thanks to a meteorologist).

I did my first MTB "race" (even though I wasn't really competing with anyone but myself). I realized that I need to train harder and in more places than just paved trails and city streets. 25 miles around town doesn't mean much when you're staring down the barrel of 5 miles of single track.

I completed another trail in it's entirety. The Peebles Trail. That now makes the Peebles Trail, the Prairie Trail, and the west leg of the Mascoutin Valley Trail. Three more trails to go in the county and then I'll have to start looking elsewhere for new adventures.

The first piece of my winter project arrived. This is a new challenge for me to help me keep the cycling mindset through the winter months. I hope to have the rockhopper completed by May, so I can use it exclusively as my racing bike.

We said hello to the Big Cat and NorthwoodsGuy as followers to the blog, and hope to continue conversations and relationships with them. We also said goodbye to Jonny K as a person that I see on a daily basis, but hope to continue conversations and relationships with him.

Followers voted...and my two wheeled friends will be named after Seinfeld characters (more to come in another post).

Let's hope November is just as interesting!




Jonny K said...

Good luck with the rockhopper!

Maybe by next spring, my schedule will be less on the weekends, and we'll have more time for some bike rides.

We'll be talking to you.

Craigers said...

Thanks Jonny K,

Hope all goes well for you tomorrow! You damn well better find time to do some riding next year or I'm gonna hunt you down. Later