Monday, November 10, 2008

Crazy Joe's Fork

Crazy Joe's fork showed up on Friday afternoon! Brand new Suntour XCR front suspension fork.

Here's the specs for all you bike geeks:

Travel-80 -100 mm
System-Coil spring
Lower-New magnesium monocoque
Design-Leading axle
Dustseal-Metal inserted type
Leg Color-Matt black, Metalic silver, white
Integrated HD-Semi-ID type / 44mm
Stanchion tube-STKM
Right Side-Coil spring
Left Side-Coil spring
Steerer tube-STKM
Lenght ( w / o thread )-255mm
Crown race diameter-30mm
Wheel size-26"
Brake-Disc (Post mount type: for 180mm rotor) & V-type
Preload adjuster-Yes
Note-Disc only type bottom case available
max. disc diameter-185mm

Only a few more parts to go to get the front end completed. The lower and upper head tube cups came with the frame, but I'm not sure if you can just buy the remaining pieces of the headset, or if I need to purchase a new one to get the rest of the components. At any rate, the headset needs to be installed along with the handle bar stem (which I need to get yet), and more than likely, a fair amount of spacers (the Maestro has a good number of rather large spacers and that height is perfect for my 6'-4" frame). I also need to set the "star nut" into the fork (or have somebody do it for me). If any one has any insight into assembly of this front end, or component recommendations feel free to jump in here. I'm new at this, so any ideas are welcomed.

I got a pretty cool plan to BUILD a repair stand rather than buy one. I figure with the going rate of a stand somewhere between $100-$200 (depending on brand and options), I can build one for $30-$40. Not a bad savings, which means I can put better components on Crazy Joe, and make some off road touring upgrades to the Maestro.

November has been a pretty horrid month as far as riding goes so far. Between some of the weather we've had (precipitation being the problem, cold weather doesn't bother me), and seasonal illness setting in on baby and mama (hasn't gotten me yet), I've only managed to squeak out 10 miles. I have been sticking to running during the week, and have added more distance to my morning jogs. I sure hope that I can get some more miles in on two wheels before the snow pack is here to stay and I'm resigned to the stationary for the majority of the winter.

What do you guys think about cold weather riding? Let's get some banter going here. Share some thoughts or stories or something to do with cold weather riding.




Jonny K said...

Congratulations on the new fork, you dude. Sorry to hear your baby and your baby's momma arent' feeling so well.

And stay inside where it's warm, that's why they invented stationary bikes.

Craigers said...

So I take it your not a big cold weather fan Jonny. Doesn't it get kinda boring on a stationary for 4 months though? What does your old man think about cold weather riding? He's probably the most hardcore rider I know. I wonder if the Big Cat does any cold weather riding on his trike? Maybe NorthwoodsGuy keeps the Trek going in cold weather? Chime in you dudes.