Monday, May 12, 2008

Inter Urban Trail (Cedar Grove to Belgium) April 26th '08

Here's a little bit newer post for everyone. Still a smidge behind after this last weekend, but we'll get there. This ride was on April 26th, 2008, on the Inter Urban Trail between Cedar Grove and Belgium (about a 6 mile stretch). The weather sure didn't want to cooperate with us this day as we had temperatures in the 40's with 25 MPH sustained winds and gusts up to 35. Only a hearty (or stupid) individual decides to hit the trail on a day like this, and the squadron was made up of myself, the Trailside Tinkler, and one of our newest riders, Jon K -AKA: Professor Pedals or just Pedals. Here's a shot of of Tinkler and Pedals feeling the temperature in Belgium. Aside from the not so great weather, the trail itself is a nice ride. Paved as opposed to crushed limestone made for a pretty smooth morning. Tinkler rode his new Giant hybrid bike and said he really enjoyed the ride (even in the cold). Pedals was on his Trek hybrid and me on the Gary Fisher offroad round out the roll call. A real pretty ride through this part of Sheboygan and Ozaukee Counties. Some of the trail even goes through a quite active water fowl production site. Only one problem with water fowl (ducks in this particular instance). This fine feathered friend (who decided to stay anonymous) just happened to be one hell of a shot as he bombed my knee in mid stride. That's why I say "Hey man nice shot"! We did cut this ride a little short due to the weather. Hopefully we'll hit this one later on in the season cuz it was a nice ride. After this 12 mile jaunt, the Trail Dog's season mileage goes up to a whopping 19 miles (last season's miserable total finished at 25). Next up: Mascoutin Valley State Trail (Western Leg). Till next time, don't forget to re-connect your brake cable.

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