Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello? - Oh, you're still here.

Hello everyone. I apologize for my extreme lack of posting and interaction the last couple months. My training worked it's way into a dominate roll in my life, and I fear that I've neglected a few other aspects. I come bearing good & bad news (although the good far out weighs the bad).

Let's start with the bad. I will not be competing in the Kettleman. Major reason - lack of funding. The cost was just too prohibitive at this time.

Now the good. Completed the 2010 Earthride. 71.11 miles in 5 hours & 14 seconds. My longest ride to date. This ride also put me over my riding goal of 1000 miles this season (as you can see from the ticker to your right). The old "cougar" of a bike that I ride (the '84 Trek) held up beautifully and I even got a compliment on it as being a classic. Just the one picture this year courtesy of the Big Cat, as I decided to focus more on my ride and less on other things this year. That's the Cat's ride in front of me, with the "Cougar" behind me.

On the weight front, all this training has dropped me to a svelte 225 lbs (pretty good for a 6'-4" frame that was 305 lbs 3 years ago). Training will consist of more running for a while now to get me in a little better running shape for the Turkey Trot 5 mile run coming up on Thanksgiving Day. That will be my first running event.

That's all for now. I hope everyone is still doing well.




coastkid said...

Hi craigers, been a while since i posted on here right enough!...think everyone has been busy this year!,
hope all is well...

Anonymous said...

I understand not being able to get to a ride/race because of funding...or lack thereof.

Congrats on completing your 1000 mile goal!