Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm shelving myself

I'm back from a long weekend with the family. To my dismay, four days of light workouts (1 of which was no workout), soaking in a hot tub, and for the most part taking it easy, did absolutely nothing to better my hamstring. I am officially putting myself "on the shelf" until this stupid injury can work itself out. With any luck, it will feel better by Sunday so I can just pick up and keep going with my duo training. I am SUPREMELY PISSED OFF that I won't be able to finish my preliminary training in it's entirety. I will still perform the mock race in 3 weeks to get a feel for what my time will be and I will still compete in the actual race in September. I just can't ignore the fact any longer that my leg isn't getting any better by continuing on like this. The best my leg has felt was this past Saturday (when I had a rest day). I also consulted with a guy I know that is currently employed as a sports therapist for Penn State University, and he would concur with the rest I diagnosing for myself. I can only pray for a speedy recovery.

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