Friday, January 8, 2010

Addition to the Arsenal

Monday I decided to order a GPS. After riding with the Big Cat this past summer and seeing how his GPS blew the doors off of my bike "computer", I decided all I wanted for Christmas was a little accuracy. After quite extensive reaserch, I decided on the Garmin Forerunner 205.

This little number is worn like a watch (although I have also ordered the quick release bike mount), and is ideal for multi-sport athletes. This is going to be crutial as I enter into duathlon training.

I check my email on Tuesday morning, and I have a tracking number. I check the tracking number and it says that my new toy will be delivered sometime on Tuesday. SWEET! Now that's service with a smile, they provide the service and I smile.

Haven't got into it to heavy yet, but I noticed it also came with soft ware so I can upload my workouts to my computer. All you techies can check out the specs at

2010 is looking good already.



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coastkid said...

new toys are cool!..,never read about them so be intresting to read your findings craigers...