Friday, February 20, 2009

1st Annual Trail Dog Finnish Face Warmer Contest

I think we need to have a little fun here. I know that some of us grow beards for hunting season or hockey season or snowmobile season or just for winter in general. Well this year, based on the fact that for almost 2 months I couldn't stand long enough without crutches to even think about shaving, I decided to grow me a beard ( to the shegrin of my wife).

I know that the Big Cat had a little bit of growth going from seeing his youtube video (so that means you're in this contest brother). I'm sure maybe some others out there have some growth too.

So from now until March 2nd, we'll have open entry to see who had the best growth. This will be equal opportunity, so ladies, if you didn't have time to get you lip waxed last week, we'll accept that too.

Send your pictures to me at I'll post the pics on the blog after the 2nd, and I'll open a poll for voting. All emailed pictures will become my property, and trust me, when this is all over, I will be deleting them from my system (cuz honestly, I don't want to look at you any more than you do).

Winner gets exclusive bragging rights for the next year! That's one hell of a prize!

Die with your boots on,


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