Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gary gets a new wheel

Almost sounds like a children's book title. Hello all! Hope everyone is well. Glad to report Gary's new wheel cam in yesterday and I'm going to pick it up this afternoon. If you remember, I broke 5-6 more spokes back in November (I think it was).

I took Marla's advise and asked my LBS to just re-lace the whole wheel. He did some checking on costs and on the condition of the wheel, and we determined it would be best to just replace it (must've been all those years of carrying my lard ass around).

At any rate the new wheel along with some degreaser and dry lube will be my purchases tonight. I've really had the itch lately to do as much of my own upkeep as possible. Thanks to Bike Snob NYC's article in a recent issue of Bicycling "The Great Mechanic Within"

New blog is in it's early stages and will be more about the healthy lifestyle which I think allows me to talk not just about cycling, but also running, healthy eating, and just being active in general. I'll keep you all updated.



coastkid said...

You running 2 blogs soon? or just the new blog?,
i started a 2nd to do the other stuff i see when out and about...
look forward to your future postings!

Craigers said...

I'll run two to start, but maybe consolidate to one, once things get going. I still need to check out your other blog.