Monday, January 19, 2009

Ankle Update

Saw the Doc again today. Kinda hard to believe that it's been 6 weeks since I fell upon my arse. So I guess the bone is pretty much as healed as it's going to be. I've got 2 weeks to lose the crutches. If I can, I get as brand new sparkly ankle brace. If I can't, I'm bannished to physical therapy.

Here's irony for you. If you remember about 2 months ago how I didn't want to get on my stationary bike cuz I'd rather be riding the real thing? Guess what Doc says a good rehab exercise for my ankle is going to be? That's right.....stationary bike. Smack my arse and call me Sally. That's news for now.




Anonymous said...

Glad to hear things are progressing, biking indoors is not always a bad thing (mind over body) in my case of the body a lot of mind power is required, but nothing beats the great outdoors. Thanks for keeping us updated. "Happy Trails, Safe Biking (indoor training) and Get Bent" BC

Craigers said...

Thanks BC. Gotta keep moving forward. My goal is to be recovered and in shape enough to do a 35 miler in May for the OCS Unity Ride. You're more than welcome to accompany me if you'd like, as are any of my readers.

Anonymous said...

I would enjoy joining you "C" this can kick off things for 2009

Craigers said...

Awesome I'll email you a link so you can check it out.